Literacy for Dyslexia

Our mission is to support youth mental health initiatives by promoting literacy in underprivileged students who are dyslexic.

Literacy for Dyslexia:

Through the provision of the Logical Letters Program, we aim to address the significant educational needs of youngsters with dyslexia (learning differences) by providing quality literacy interventions not otherwise accessible to this population.

Our goal is to help these youth to become successful and motivated adults by overcoming the barriers that dyslexia traditionally imposes.

Marcy Scoot

Marcy Scott

Logical Letters Inc.


Marcy Scott

Marcy Scott is the founder and President of Logical Letters, a literacy program and learning center devoted to dyslexic children.

Marcy began her career as a teacher and resource specialist in the public system. This was followed by over 35 years in private practice, where she has witnessed countless students with dyslexia enjoying her program while experiencing huge literacy accomplishments. She has a deep understanding of the correlation between literacy and success, derived from decades of participation in the educational and emotional transformation of young people with dyslexia. Learn more

Over the past decades, Marcy designed and developed the Logical Letters Program using the unique minds of dyslexic students as the driving force. Her program has been highly successful in supporting dyslexic students in becoming very competent readers and writers. After many years of evolution, in 2005, Logical Letters was incorporated and the program was copyrighted. A digital version is soon to be released.

In addition to working directly with children, Marcy provides training for her Logical Letters team of dyslexia therapists and for resource specialists and classroom teachers from a variety of schools. She has also licensed and supported the Logical Letters Program in a private elementary school where it has been an unqualified success. Marcy and her team also conduct dyslexia awareness workshops for parents and educators.

Marcy is helping to redefine the once-thought dyslexic handicap as instead a dyslexic advantage.

Marcy’s dream is to be able to provide the Logical Letters Program to disadvantaged dyslexic students whose potentials often go unachieved.

Lisa Wolosky

Lisa Wolofsky

SkyWolf Media


Lisa Wolofsky

Lisa has close to twenty-five years of experience in the independent film and television industry as well as in various capacities in both business and finance. Lisa is presently acting as consultant in the industry with a focus on structured finance, structuring and maximizing incentive programs worldwide as well as co-productions and sourcing and structuring financing for various third party producers and clients. Lisa is also developing and producing her own film and television projects and acts as Producer and Executive Producer on various films. Learn more...

In 2014, Lisa created the National Bank of Canada’s International Group within the media sector and offered an innovative array of specialized products, providing gap, mezzanine and revenue participation loans to clients worldwide with a focus on US Productions. Lisa sourced and financed close to $1B of debt while at the bank. Among the notable films and television projects Lisa has financed are THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH written by Ken Follett and starring Ian McShane, Eddie Redmayne, THE CALL starring Halle Berry, ALL IS LOST directed by J.C. Chandor and starring Robert Redford, GOOD KILL directed by Andrew Niccol and starring Ethan Hawke, AND SO IT GOES starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton.

In addition to acting as an AVP at NBoC, Lisa acted as Producer on the film CARRIE PILBY ( Netflix) She also acted as executive producer on various films including SUBMERGENCE, directed by Vim Venders and starring Oscar winner Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy, WOMAN WALKS AHEAD starring Jessica Chastain, CROOKED HOUSE, starring Glenn Close, INDIGNATION starring Sarah Gadon and Logan Lerman and BRAIN ON FIRE starring Chloë Grace Moretz, BEL CANTO starring Oscar winning actress, Julianne Moore and the upcoming LAST FULL MEASURE starring Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan.

Lisa also sits on the Advisory Board of SeriesFest as well as the Vespucci Group.

As a mother of a dyslexic child who was diagnosed in 2010, Lisa has been very actively involved in researching and understanding the various tools and resources available to dyslexic children in the city of Montreal. Lisa is devoted to ensuring that children of all backgrounds and walks of life are given the opportunities and support that her son has been fortunate enough to have received.