The Notte in Bianco Events

The Guzzo Family organizes a number of events to raise funds for the causes they care about, by honoring past Prime-Ministers of our country.

The Notte in Bianco

The 2014 edition of the Notte in Bianco took place under the honorary chairmanship of the Right Honourable Jean Chrétien C.P., C. C., O.M., c.r., Ad. E., and his wife Aline.

The evening was highlighted with a performance from the Pointer Sisters. Guests were treated to champagne and wine, donated by the SAQ and Moët & Chandon. All meals were prepared and catered by trendy Montréal restaurant Buona Notte.

In 2013, the Right Honorable Paul Martin, C.P. and his wife Sheila were honnored at the event. All funds raised went to the Guzzo Environment-Cancer Research Chair.

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Recent American leaders, such as Rich Gelfond, Director and CEO at IMAX, and Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, Director and CEO of IMAX Entertainment, IMAX Corporation have also been honored at the Notte in Bianco in the past.

The most recent Notte in Bianco, took place this past September 8th, 2016, under the chairmanship of Mel and Rosemary Hoppenheim. The evening was highlighted by a performance by Wilson Phillips. By keeping with the tradition, the SAQ and Moët & Chandon donated luxurious brands of wines and champagnes.

In the past, the Guzzo Family has hosted Corey Hart, Martha Wash from Blackbox, Taylor Dane and many more to their event!