Who do we support?

We strongly believe in the importance of providing funding and support to charities and institutions that are fighting for the advancement of causes which are dear to us.


Supporting Health and Research for the Well-being of the Community

Since 2017, the Guzzo family awards students The Guzzo Family Scholar Bursary. Parts of this merit-based scholarship is given to graduating high-school level students who demonstrate a successful academic year despite adversity that may include financial struggles, personal tragedies or just unfortunate circumstances that interfere with their educational goals. To date, over 5,000$ has been awarded to students who wished to pursue their studies at the college level.

The Guzzo Family Athletic Bursary is also awarded to support young athletes across the Montreal community, as participation in sports helps build self-esteem and confidence and can motivate children to excel academically while helping build social skills. The Guzzo family believes that every child with a desire and passion for sports should be part of a team with great mentorship, regardless of their limited finances. To date, two athletes at the national level have benefited from this award and are moving on to compete at the international level.

For more information on how to apply, please contact Nadia Tarantino at info@notteinbianco.com.



Logical Letters

This year, the Guzzo family has decided to fund a youth dyslexia reading remediation centre called Logical Letters, a program to support youth with dyslexia. It was created and developed by Marcy Scott over the past 35 years. Marcy has become one of Montreal’s top dyslexia therapists. She is committed to teaching and supporting the dyslexic population and to creating an awareness within the community as a new era of understanding of dyslexia emerges. The Notte in Bianco event is partially funding those children and teenagers who suffer from the effects of illiteracy and who do not have the financial resources to receive such remediation sessions. Through her work, Marcy Scott has changed the lives of countless youngsters.

Shriners Hospital for kids

The Guzzo family are esteemed supporters of Shriners Hospitals for Children – Canada. Vince and Maria Guzzo’s generous contribution to the “Exceptional Care for Exceptional Kids” Campaign funded the Medical Imaging Area located in the heart of the hospital’s Ambulatory Care Services. The Medical imaging department acts as the «eyes» of the doctors working at the Shriners Hospital. Using different technology (digital radiography, EOS, bone density, ultrasounds), the department provides essential «inside the body» images that are used to diagnose, plan the treatment/surgery and follow up on the results. The Imaging department produces approximatively 13,000 exams per years.


The unwavering and incredible support and compassion of the Guzzo family are critical in helping this ultra-specialized orthopaedic healthcare facility continue to better the lives of the children treated, as medical imaging is crucial in the expert diagnosis, evaluation and follow-up care that we offer.

Jewish General Hospital

The Guzzo family generously financed the imaging unit in the Jewish General Hospital Pavilion K's new critical care wing, which opened in January 2016.


This unit features a high-tech radiology room and a tomography room. It was created to better accommodate patients from the emergency department and provide a more functional work environment for health professionals. This unit reduces test wait times for patients in the emergency department, thus shortening the radiology department's waiting list for patients from external clinics.


Before receiving the imaging unit, 60% of the available time at the radiology department was being used by the emergency department, resulting in a very long waiting list for patients from external clinics.